Meet the Future of Conservation
Date & Time
Sunday, September 8, 2019, 3:00 PM - 3:32 PM
Daniella Sachs Sarah Mambu Lara Dendy Young Frida Fanuel Mollel
Young people today dream of working at technology companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix and Facebook. This is a signal that technology is a ‘hot’ growth industry. How can we get Africa’s most dynamic young talent to view “environmental investing” (a.k.a. conservation) as an exciting career option as well? How can we get more women to work in conservation? During this session, you will meet young African leaders who are changing the face of conservation. You will better understand what excites them, what turns them off, and how we can ‘refresh’ the talent pool for conservation. This is a crucial issue to address given that many ‘old-timers’ in conservation are close to retirement
Auditorium - KCC