Full Name
Esther Githinji
Job Title
Leadership Core
ALU Conservation Undergrad Y1'
Speaker Bio
Esther Githinji is a strong supporter of sustainable responsibility across all industries and sectors. This has been informed by her diverse experience in a number of various job markets. She currently serves as an appointed Associate Fellow at the Royal Commonwealth Society, where through youth empowerment, education and advocacy, she works towards promoting human rights, democracy and sustainable development across Commonwealth nations. Esther has worked with UNICEF Australia as a Child Advocate. She is also the Co-founder of Wawili Design Studio that explores the intersection between primordial Africa and the contemporary. She has interned at highly acclaimed social enterprises such as She Leads Africa, and designed the celebrated 2013 Kenyan Heroes Day Google Doodle. Esther is a second-year School of Wildlife Conservation Scholar at the African Leadership University and she is expected to graduate by 2022.
Esther Githinji